Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Days of Kindergarten

Lilly started Kindergarten this year! We are so excited for her and she is even more excited. We started our week off by meeting her teacher and having a little orientation in her classroom on Monday afternoon. Her teacher this year is Ms. Calame (cuh-lamb) and she is in morning kindergarten. Our school doesn't start until 9:00 am so we have the chance to have a pleasant morning and then it is off to school. Molly thinks that she misses Lilly while she is gone to school and is always so excited to pick her up everyday. Good luck Lilly. We know you'll have a great year.

Outside her school

The first day of school

She just had to show off her backpack

And of course Molly wanted in on the action

Off to the bus stop. I finally let her ride the bus and she was so excited. She was practically prancing all the way down the street. She got on the bus so fast that I couldn't even get a picture of it. Besides, there are a lot of kids that ride at our stop anyway. She did wave from her seat though, and after school she said she loved it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Congratulations Chelsea and Eric George!

We just returned from a whirlwind trip to LA to see Eric and Chelsea be sealed in the Los Angeles Temple. Because of school, we left late Thursday night and made it to Reno. On Friday we went the rest of the way to LA and stayed the night there. On Saturday we attended the temple and watched the sealing of Chelsea and Eric then we had lunch and drove another 3 hours to the valley for their reception. Then on Sunday we got back into the car and drove home. We were tired to say the least but so happy to be able to see everyone and to see Chelsea and Eric. Congratulations you two! We wish you all the happiness in the world.

Cousins and some of Eric's neices and nephews

Our little family of 4! Won't be long til it's 5!

The girls

Coming out of the temple

Lilly and Molly just love Chelsea so much!

Nikki and Heather

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Lilly

Lilly just turned 5! I can hardly believe how fast time has gone by. She is such a big girl now. She loves to color and is really into creating things right now. Crafts are becoming something she wants to do almost every day. She loves to play wii and any video game and she loves zoobles. She is still afraid of any kind of bug and so she therefore loves to play inside a majority of the time. Her favorite food is meatballs and will ask for those any chance that she gets! She is such a great big sister and is so helpful. We love you Lilly! Happy birthday!

Her new Zoobles. She got the little one from her Aunt Linda and the play set from Molly

She also got a Leapster! She was so excited about it. She got this from Mom and Dad and from Grandma and Grandaddy Haws.

Molly always wants a piece of the camera action!

Her cake. I just love to make fun cakes.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving in!!!

We are all moved in to our new house in Boise! It is so nice to be that much closer to being settled in. Lilly got into a box during the process and it reminded me of the last time we moved. We are loving Boise and love having visitors!

My view all the way to Boise

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our New Home!!!

We moved to Boise! It was pretty much a whirlwind decision but we are all settled and happy in our new home. We decided that it was time for us to make a change. Since Aaron hasn't been able to get a job doing what he wants, he decided that we needed to go back to school for his MBA. After praying and fasting we decided it was the right choice for us. So we pretty much decided we needed to move by the first of August. We found our home on the second day of the search and we couldn't be happier. It is right across the street from a park and the neighborhood is quiet but full of kids. The girls are getting settled and Lilly is excited to start school at the end of the month. Aaron is starting school soon and I am busy getting new doctors and getting everyone settled. We miss all our Pocatello friends, but we are so excited to make new friends here in Boise!