Monday, July 30, 2007

Brushing My Teeth!

We have decided that it is time for us to start brushing Lilly's 6 teeth. She loved it and thought that it was the best thing ever to chew on. She got a little upset when we made her stop. I have to say that I wasn't sure if she would like the toddle toothpaste, but she loved it (because she loves sugar) and didn't want to stop! If you are wondering why I am wearing my glasses in the pictures with her it is because I caught pink eye from my sisters kids! I have had it so many times before so I caught it really early and was able to get it under control. I woke up with it on a Sunday morning, and lucky for me I was speaking in church that day. I was so afraid that I would be the one to pass pink eye around the ward! Luckily I don't think that I passed it on to anyone else, especially Lilly!

The First Taste

Yumm, this is good!

She didn't want to stop

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Very First Blog

Ok, So I have been saying for a while that it is time for us to start a blog, I have just never done it until now! Hopefully I can stay up on it and keep everyone updated as to what is going on with us. Be patient with me here at the beginning. I am going to post a few older pictures just so everyone can see what we are doing

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pioneer Day Parade

This last weekend we joined in the festivities starting with the pioneer day parade. We had so much fun. This was Lilly's first parade and she loved it. She couldn't stop clapping her hands and waving at people.

Daddies Little Girl

Here we are waiting for the Parade to come our way

This was one of the floats that I liked the best, they did a great job on it

After the parade we went over to my sister's house. Then April, Chad, Claire, and Owen and us all went up to the fair grounds and enjoyed some free hot dogs and activities for the kids. Owen and Lilly are really starting to like each other now. They are pretty cute together. We couldn't stay for very long because Lilly was really tired and wanted to go home for a nap.

Here is Lilly enjoying her free hot dog and watermellon

We weren't sure if Owen was trying to feed her or feel her six teeth!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The 4th of July

For the Fourth of July we did a lot of stuff. In the morning Aaron and I did a lot of yard work (it was the first time we had free time in a long time!) and then we joined April and Chad and their kids at the Pocatello Aquatic Park. We had so much fun and Lilly really enjoyed herself.

Here we are taking a time out from the water while Lilly eats a snack

April and Claire

Chad Just relaxing

Daddy and Lilly

Owen was having the best time

After the Water park April and the family came over to our house for a picnic. Then we got the kids ready for bed at April and Chad's house, put them to bed and watched the fireworks from their back portch. We couldn't really see them very well but we still had a great time. Then we had an even better time with our own fireworks.

Here are Chad and Aaron making a show for us

April and I got to watch from the warmth of our blankets

Of course we couldn't watch too long before we had to join in with our sparklers