Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween to everyone. We hope that you all had a great evening of candy, candy, and more candy! We had quite the eventful night around our house. Lilly was dressed this year as a pink kitty cat. We of course had to deliver the traditional Halloween Cupcakes to different people around town. After that we went to my sister April's ward for a Trunk-or-Treat. There was tons of people and tons of candy! we had a great time. All Lilly wanted to do was crawl around on the ground - I guess that fits in with a cat!

Here are this years spooky treats! Wasn't she a pretty pink Kitty Cat!?!

Don't you just love the tail! Here is Kitty Cat Lilly, Butterfly
McKinley, and Owen the Horse

It sure is Hard to get a good picture! Here is Kitty Cat Lilly,
Princess Claire, Butterfly McKinley,
and Owen the Horse

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


For FHE we carved our pumpkins! I didn't really get any pictures of us actually carving so I thought that I would just show the end result! Don't they look great!?! Lilly was in bed by the time we finished so I know she will be excited to see them all a-glow tonight!

Here is our little family of pumpkins!
Heather's Pumpkin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Aaron's Pumpkin

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fun on the Slide

I discovered the other day that Lilly is getting really good at going down slides, and she thinks that they are so much fun. So today we took her to the mall playground (the weather outside wasn't the greatest!) She had the best time! Most of the time she just looks around at the other kids playing. This time, however, she wanted in on some of the action. She even tried to climb on the "Mountains" like the other kids. She also went through the tunnel for the first time. Usually she is scared to! Oh, how fast she is growing up!

Catch me Mom!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I think now I'll lay down!

Should I try it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OK, Here I go!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Caught in Action

Lilly thinks that it is really fun to pull the movies off of the shelf. Well she usually does it when no one is around because she knows she isn't supposed to do it. On Saturday morning I happened to be in the room with her holding the camera and this is what she did! She went over to the movies really slowly and as soon as she got there she would look back at me to see if I was watching. Then she would reach up and grab the movies that she knows will come out the easiest. After she pulled them off and I told her no, she just looked back at me kind of like "Me? Why would I do such a thing?" Then she just crawls off smiling. What a little turkey!

Here we go!

Opps, Mom they fell! Oh, well on to the next thing!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dinner and a Nap

Things have been really crazy around our house lately, and apparently it has worn Lilly out! On Saturday Lilly was pretty fussy and we thought it was because she was hungry for dinner. We put her in her chair and we all sat down to dinner. Within 5 minutes she started nodding off into her food. She would wake with a start and then nod off again. She did this about 10 times before she didn't wake up anymore! We just had to take a picture! Good thing she was already in her PJ's!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Play Time

Lilly has never slept in our bed, and it is a good thing too because she thinks that it is play time for her. She will lay down and play with our faces or she will play with the sheets because she thinks they are so great! One of her new favorite things is to help mom change the sheets on the bed, that way she can play with them. She has also gotten really into the camera and thinks that if she looks into it she will see something!

Peak A Boo!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Fall has come full swing into Pocatello Idaho! This first picture is of Aaron's family cabin in Preston Idaho, the leaves have really started to change. In the next photos we decided to rake up the leaves in our backyard. Lilly wasn't so sure about them at first but after a little while she thought they were great fun to play with. She wouldn't even look at the camera because she was so busy studying the leaves!
She wanted to play with the leaves, she just didn't want to be in the leaves!