Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bus Road-eo

As most of you know, Aaron has been driving a school bus while he works on his masters degree. Well apparently they think he is a good enough driver because they asked him to drive in one of the yearly competitions that are held. It is called the Bus Road-eo and each school district has drivers that compete. I thought this was just some funny thing that they do (you know - only in Idaho!) to pass the time and have a few laughs. I was surprised to see how seriously this is really taken and even more surprised to hear that the top two in each category go on to state and then on to nationals! Well, I guess it's not just an Idaho thing! Aaron's parents were also in town, so they joined us for the fun. Lilly really liked the buses, she really just wanted to climb onto one a take a ride, so she got upset when I wouldn't let her!

Here is Aaron preparing to drive (don't you just love the shirt!?!)
Here he is getting ready to start the course and checking all of his mirrors
In this one he had to go through barrels and try not to touch them!

In this one he is backing up and has to get as close as he can to the cones but not hit them!
I was surprised to see how difficult some of the things they had to do where. They had to do things like drive in a straight line while keeping one tire in the middle of a bunch of tennis balls, they had a fake railroad crossing, parallel parking, and he even had to drive through a course that go smaller and smaller and couldn't touch any of the posts. It was pretty difficult, but it was fun to see Aaron and to see his co-workers cheering him on. Aaron wasn't in the top 2 but he did a great job anyway for his first and hopefully only time!
Aaron has now competed in a checkers competition (he worked at Albertson's and apparently they also have a nationwide checking and baggers competition! - who knew!) and now a bus driving competition. I am curious to see what will come next!

Getting in Touch After all this Time

The other day I got a comment on our blog from an old roommate. It really got me thinking about all the good times that we had in Apt. 276 in the Ricks Hall Dorm. This is our freshman year and this is when I met Britni Hansen (Used to be Adams), Michelle Rognon (used to be Williams) and Carrie Hanna (used to be Peyton). We had a lot of laughs, a lot of fights, and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Michelle was only with us for one semester and trust me when I say we missed her a ton in the winter semester! Thanks for finding me Carrie, I tried to find you once too but I didn't have any luck. Good thing we have Britni to keep us all in line after almost 7 years. It's awesome that we are all married and starting our families. I have everyone's contact info. except for yours Carrie, so the next time you leave a comment, leave me some way to contact you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Grandpa and Snow

Today I woke to someone pounding on my front door. When I opened it there stood my Dad. He was passing through town and stopped to drop off a few things at our house. Lilly had just gotten up and the minute Grandpa saw her he produced a big bag of Hershey Kisses. He said they were because he couldn't kiss her all the time and so every time she ate one it would be like Grandpa giving her kisses (how sweet is that!) Lilly immediately took the bag and said "thank you papa" Then she got mad because I wouldn't let her have one at 8:00 am in the morning. My dad couldn't stay long because he had to get to some meetings and after he left I looked out side and saw that it was trying to snow! I was so mad!! It finally let loose and snowed for a good half hour and then it stopped and luckily nothing really stuck to the ground. All I want is for it to be somewhat warm outside!


The other day I was painting some signs for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day and Lilly wanted to help out. So I put her in an old shirt and let her go to town!
She saw me using a paint brush so she thought that would be better than using her fingers! Plus it kept her from trying to eat the paint!
Here she is eating it. I kept stopping her, but for some reason she thought the green pain was edible. Thank goodness for non-toxic paint!
Can you see the paint on her mouth. By this point she was mad at me because I wouldn't let her eat it and I made her look at me for a picture! Plus the paint didn't taste very good! Oh well, eventually she will figure it out.

Husband Tag

OK Britni, I have decided that I will answer the questions! (only for you of course!)

1-What is his name? Aaron Stock (I know Stock - I make fun of it sometimes but it is a family name!)
2-Who eats more? It depends on the day. Usually I eat more at dinner because I don't snack or eat a lot during the day. Aaron is a major snacker so when it comes to main meals he doesn't eat a lot (hmm, I wonder where our daughter got that trait?!?)
3-Who said I love you first? Aaron did, I was to chicken to be the first one to say anything! I brought up marriage first and I thought for sure he was going to dump me!
4-Who is taller? Aaron, but only by a couple of inches. I am 5'9" he is 5'11"
5-Who is smarter? It depends on the subject matter. If Aaron were answering he would say that I am, but he is definitely learning all kinds of things that I have no clue about right now!
6-Who is more sensitive? I am - When we first got married and I would cry for no reason (all girls no about this emotion) he just couldn't understand that. He always thought you had to have a reason to cry!
7-Who does the laundry? Aaron does in fact he is sort of Obsessive Compulsive about it. I won't touch the laundry if he is around otherwise he is looking over my shoulder constantly. I really don't mind that he likes to do it!
8-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, Only because that is closest to the door and the bathroom, which also makes me the prime candidate to get our daughter out of bed first!
9-Who pays the bills? I do. We both work, but when it comes to the money and Aaron needing some he just asks how much we have. It works for us.
10-Who cooks more? We are about half and half. I work all day and so I don't always get to cook and on those days Aaron steps up. I really appreciate that he helps around the house.
11-What meals do you cook together? Sunday dinner and/or desert. We have a hard time being in the kitchen together because we both want to be in charge. We are finding a balance though and we are working on it. This is actually the first place we have lived where we have a kitchen big enough for us both to be in it at the same time!
12-Who is more stubborn? I am! No secret there!
13-Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Aaron is, and that is only because I am so stubborn! But if I do find that I am occasionally wrong, then I have no problem admitting that!
14-Who is more clean? That is a toss up. Neither one of us is really good at putting our clothes away. If I were to look at this from a different point of view I would say I am because I always seem to be picking up after him!
15-Who has more siblings? Aaron does. He comes from a family of 7 kids while I come from a family of 5 kids
16-Who wears the pants in the relationship? I do!, Just kidding we both make decisions together as a team.
17-What do you like to do together? We like to take walks, watch movies, play guitar hero, and read.
18-Who eats more sweets? I do, I have a definite sweet tooth while Aaron prefers more salty snacks.
19-Guilty pleasures? Diet Coke, I have to limit his amount of intake
20-How did you meet? We met in our Junior Year at BYU-Idaho in our English Writing for Business class. I thought he would be really fun to flirt with!
21-Who asked who out first? Aaron asked me out first, to make a long story short, he told me this whole tale about asking a bunch of different girls out for a group date with his roommates and they all turned him down. How could I say no to the poor guy. We joke now about it being a pity date!
22-Who kissed who first? Aaron kissed me first, once again I was too scared to take that first initial step.
23-Who proposed? Aaron did, but not after much talk from me. At first he said he wanted to date his future wife for 6 months and then be engaged for 6 months to a year. We went from first date to marriage in 6 months!
24-His best features? His eyes, hands, and his sense of humor
25-What is his greatest quality? He is a very compassionate person towards others. He is a fantastic father, and he loves me for me - it can't get much better than that!
I Tag...April, Camene, Candace, and Cassie

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome May!

We woke up on the first of May and this is what we discovered! Can you believe this!?! I am so ready for spring! I am sick of the cold weather. Luckily it all melted by noon that day.