Friday, July 18, 2008


Yesterday, I walked out of my room and this is what I saw...

Lilly was laying on the floor in the hallway reading a book to herself. She was having the greatest time reading her book. Oh how fast they grow up!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Play Time

Last night Hannah came over to play with Lilly while her mom went to a class. The girls had a great time playing together. They blew bubbles, chased each other, played with the toys, fought (as only kids do!) then hugged and made up. Then we made some homemade pizza. The girls had a great time helping out, of course they wanted to eat the toppings more than they wanted to actually put them on the pizza. We had a great time playing with Hannah. Thanks for coming to play!

Here they are finishing the sauce. Hannah really liked it!
Here is our finished pizza, of course I had to whisk it away as the girls kept taking off all the toppings to eat them.

Sunday Night Crepes ~ Smiles ~ Snap Bracelet

Aaron and I have started a tradition where we have crepes for dessert on Sunday nights. We have really enjoyed doing this and now Lilly loves to get in on the action, of course all she really likes is the whipped cream on top!

Here is Aaron with his crepe, Yummy!
This is just a nice picture of Lilly. I haven't been able to get a real smile out of her for a while now because she is always saying "cheese!" and then just gives that cheesy grin!
At the park Lilly made this snap bracelet one day. She thinks it is super cool. The other night she was playing with it and she thought it was really funny to try and snap it over her eyes. I am not sure what it is, but she sure does love to put things over her eyes!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Irriational Fear

I found out last week when I called to re-schedule an appointment that my current doctor had sold his practice and left! Great! I get to go to another new doctor! With Lilly I saw a group of three doctors, and then we moved and I saw a group of two mid-wives, and then due to complications had someone totally different deliver me! Needless to say I have kind of learned that as long as the doctor knows what he is doing, doesn't creep me out, and helps keep baby and mommy healthy then I am just fine with whoever! So on Monday we headed to see our new doctor. He was nice enough, but the really great thing is that I will get to find out in three weeks what we are expecting! This news is what kind of freaked me out. You see, I have only been to the doctor once during this pregnancy and at that point we didn't really have a firm due date (I know it is never firm, but in my case I have to keep a week count, so it's nice to know!) So all of a sudden we are half way through the pregnancy, into the second trimester and we are finding out what we are having! And I have only been to the doctor twice! I just got in the car and started crying. Aaron was like "what is the matter with you?" and All I could say was, "we are having another baby!" Aaron just looked at me and just kind of laughed. He said he has already been through this when I first got pregnant and he thinks it's funny that I am just now going through it! I guess it just got to me because I just never thought I was as far along as I am. Anyway, I am now past my irrational fear of having a second child and can hardly wait to see what we are having. Anyone care to guess?!?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Seven Peaks and Bird Poop

On the 5th we decided to head to Seven Peaks for a little fun in the sun. We had a great time swimming and going down the slides. (I could only take Lilly down the little kid slides, but it was still fun!)

Lilly could hardly wait to get inside
Here is Bella all ready to go!
Aaron coming off the water slide
OK, so while we were waiting for Aaron to come down the slide, Lilly was walking around and playing in some puddles. As most of you know, there are a lot of seagulls flying around the Salt Lake area and the water park was no exception. All of a sudden Candace says "Um, look at Lilly" So I look down and see that Lilly got pooped on by a seagull! She didn't even notice or care! I was so grossed out! Luckily they had showers near by, so I got her all washed up and back in time to see her daddy come down the slide! The even funnier thing about this is that as we were waiting to come inside a bird almost pooped on her then too. She must be a magnet!

Mr. Potato Head

While spending time at Dan's parents house, the girls found a Mr. Potato Head! They had a great time playing with it. The thing that Lilly loved the most was his glasses. She kept trying to put them on herself instead of the potato. It was pretty funny to watch because she would try to look around, but she couldn't see out of the little eye holes very well!

Here she is putting them on again for me!

She is trying so hard to keep them on! It looks like they kind of pinch because they are so small!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a great 4th and it only got better when it was time for fireworks. I wasn't too sure how Lilly would react, seeing how it is her first time around fireworks, but she sure surprised me! She held a sparkler and never feared it! I was afraid she was going to set something on fire because she just didn't seem to think too much about getting it close to her body! Then we sat and watched the men put on a little show for us! Lilly was a little uncertain at first but I just kept oohing and awing and then pretty soon she was doing the same thing. Whenever they would take too long to light another firework she would yell "Pretties Again, Again!" It was really cute to see and she was genuinely sad when it was officially over!

Here she is with a sparkler! She looks a little uncertain here, but let me tell you she was waving that thing everywhere!
Aaron and Dan putting on our Show!

Happy Fourth Everyone!

Utah's Hogle Zoo

On the 4th we ventured out to the Hogle Zoo! I love this zoo. It is beautifully kept and it sure is great exercise! We had a fantastic time spending most of our day here.

Here we are at the entrance to the zoo
Aaron, Lilly, Heather, Candace, Bella and Dan right before the start of our adventure
The rare white alligator. It was really cool to see. They say that there are less than 10 still alive!
This was a really cool elephant. Anytime someone would walk bye or sit on the trunk it would either play music, sneeze, and even fart! It was really funny to watch!
Aaron and Lilly in front of the Zebra's

Here we are in front of the Giraffes

The best part was that we got to go inside where they are kept. We just stood there and watched them come in and eat and then head back outside again. It was definitely the best way to get up close with one of these animals!

Aaron and Lilly on the Carousel. She wouldn't sit on the animals, but she loved sitting in the bench and she loved even more going around in a circle. She was mad when we had to get off!

Since the girls wouldn't ride on the animals, Candace and I decided that we would. What a way to bring back childhood memories!

Here are the girls. Can you tell how tired they are looking. It has been a long fun day in the zoo!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Gateway Mall

For the 4th of July weekend we decided to head to Salt Lake for some fun with our friends Dan, Candace and Bella Lowe. We started our adventure at the Gateway Mall. The girls loved getting out of the car and running around. It was super hot and so the first thing we did was to get smoothies at the Ben & Jerry's Store. Then we headed to Build-A-Bear. Lilly loved building a bear, but she was way more interested in all the clothes that they had, all within her reach, of course. Needless to say, most of our time was spent chasing after Lilly and picking up everything in her path. After Build-A-Bear we headed down to the Love Sac store! We sure had a great time hanging out in there. I have to say, though, that once I get a little more pregnant, I don't think you will be able to get me up off the floor!

Here is Lilly and her new bear. She didn't want to hold it hear, but now she loves it and carries it around with her!
Here is Bella and Lilly running around after a tough 3 1/2 hour car ride. They were both so good in the car, they earned a little play time
Lilly loved the Sac's she thought they were great because they were something that she could get into all on her own without too much of a struggle!
I loved this thing! (I don't know what it is called) But it rocked and was super comfy!

Aaron in all his glory!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I can hardly believe that it has been 4 years since we got married. I have to say that it feels like it has been longer! A lot has sure happened in the last 4 years! We have moved 5 times (yikes!), Had 4 Thanksgivings and 4 Christmases together, Had 1 baby, and have another on the way, purchased our first car, graduated from college with bachelors degrees, almost finished with graduate school, have had 1 ear surgery, 3 different stays in the hospital, and now it is time for the real non-college jobs to come our way! I can hardly wait for the next 4 years! What an adventure I know they will be.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Keller who turned 7 this year on our anniversary!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FHE at Ross Park

My Mom and Amber stayed for a week with us in Pocatello. For FHE we all decided to grab some dinner and head to the favorite local swim park. We had a great time with the family.

Lilly Loved being able to walk into the kids pool all by herself. She never even cried when she kept falling because of the slippery cement.
Owen, of Course enjoying his time swimming
Here is Brittany. I am not sure she has ever gotten to go swimming in a place like this. She loved it!
Here is Lilly and Amber. Amber was so nice to watch Lilly for us for a little while
Here is mom. She forgot her swimsuit, so she was instead our cheerleader for the evening.