Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting So BIG!

I decided to do an entry about Lilly today. I have been in almost constant awe the last few days while I have watched Lilly. She is getting so big, and is doing so many new things now I can hardly keep up with her! (and no she isn't even walking yet! so I know it is just going to get worse!)

During the Last few days she has suddenly started talking a lot more, and I realize that I am beginning to understand a lot of what she is saying. Everything has a word attached now. I have discovered that unless we are truly ready to go anywhere, I can't say one word because if I do she will start saying over and over again "go, go, go" and "bye bye, bye bye" If the car stops at a light or stop sign she immediately says "go go!"

She is waving and saying bye bye every time she leaves and when her dad comes home she just starts chanting "daddy, daddy" She just gets so excited! She will even answer our questions now with a yes or a no. When she wants to see the camera she says "see, I see" I have just been awed by the fact that she is not longer a baby, but a growing, healthy toddler!

For Christmas she got a cabbage patch doll and a Care Bear. The doll came with a bottle and so she sits down with her baby and tries to feed her. She also gives lots of hugs to her dolls. Now all that is left is WALKING! I hope that happens soon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Lilly has discovered that she can look at the camera and see the pictures that were taken. All last night I had the camera out in an attempt to get a decent picture of her, and all she would do is look into the camera and say "See, See, I See?" Well it was just too cute for words, and now that is all that she says when she sees the camera.
This is about the only picture that I could get, and I think she was even saying "See" when I snapped the picture

Rudolph's Nose

A little while ago we were in Shoe Carnival picking out a new pair of shoes for Aaron. The girls there really liked playing with Lilly and they gave her a clown nose, but called it Rudolph's Nose (going with the holiday theme!) Well it took a long time for Lilly to even get close to putting it on her nose, but now she does and will even keep it on for about a minute. It is pretty funny to see!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Game of the Season

For Christmas I gave Aaron a game called Guitar Hero. Everyone really got into it! Even my mom and grandma Bock. Grandma had a hard time with it because she couldn't hear the beat, but my mom was really good. A song would end and they would both be laughing so hard and then they would say "no, no we have to play another song!" We had such a great time and I am not sure if I have laughed that hard in quite a while. This game certainly ended up being the game of the season!


We had such a great Christmas this year. It was fun and very eventful for our family! My entire family was together this year, as well as a few cousins from California and New York. (they visited for a few days before Christmas) We had such a great time! Even though Lilly didn't really understand the whole Santa thing we still tried to make it fun for her and as exciting as possible. I was excited just because this would be Lilly's first real Christmas. On Christmas morning we all got up together and went to see what Santa brought. Lilly was a little overwhelmed by everything and she really just wanted to play with Owen's new toy. In the end she did discover that Santa brought her some pretty nice stuff. She got a Little People play zoo, a cabbage patch baby and a few other things. Aaron got the game that he has been dying to play - GUITAR HERO and he loves it. I got new slipper/shoes (I really am excited about them), a waffle maker, some books, and various other things. All in all it was a great day for us. It became even more eventful when my sister-in-law Cody really did go into labor and she delivered a baby boy just after 10:30 pm on Christmas day. His name is Orren and he was a 10 1/2 pound baby. My sister and I were there to help and it was a really cool experience, although I have to say (no offense Cody) but I am still going to the hospital to have all of my babies! Anyway, We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.