Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Lilly!

On August 23rd Lillian Renee Haws turned 2 years old! I can hardly believe it has been that long! She has certainly grown up a lot. We had a really fun BBQ and birthday bash on Friday and had a lot of families come for the fun. To keep the kids busy, they all got treat bags that had a water gun, beach ball, and more inside! It was great. The adults got to talk and the kids ran around. Thanks to everyone who came, we had a great time! On Saturday, her actual birthday, we had a nice quiet day capped off with dinner in the park and ice cream from Cold Stone.

Here is the birthday cake! I had so much fun making this frog
Lilly and Dad. She was super excited to have all the kids over to play with!
Eating her cupcake!

This is her new kitchen. She has been really getting into all this stuff lately and she thought her kitchen was great.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to Mommy Hood

OK so I know that it has been a while since I've blogged. I have been very busy lately and just haven't made the time. In late August I finally got the call I have been waiting for. You see my dad, whom I worked with, resigned from his position at Marshall and Stevens. So I have been sitting around waiting for my termination, which didn't happen for a month. Anyway, I was finally let go and now I am a free woman and am now officially a full time mom! The transition is a little harder than I thought, but I love being free to do things whenever I want. Now I can enjoy play dates, shopping during the day and all the other fun things that go with being a mom!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking More Pregnant

So this is the ugliest picture of me but I just had to show how much more "pregnant looking" I am this time around. At half way through I am way bigger than I ever was with Lilly. I know, I know the 2nd time around is always different, but I have to say this is a whole new experience for me!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Girl On The Way!

Well today was the day that we had our ultrasound! It went great! Even though the baby had her legs crossed most of the time it was easy to see that it was a little girl! We are very excited and even more excited to see that everything was developing and progressing normally! I love it when you can see all ten fingers and toes! She is definitely a feisty little thing! The tech would find what she was looking for and then you could watch the baby roll away out of view! She doesn't like when someone presses on her tiny home! We call the picture below her he-man picture. If you look closely you can see that it looks like she is flexing her right arm to show off her muscles!

I'll try and get a better picture! sorry about the flash reflection!

Bloomington Lake

We have been visiting with Aaron's family a lot lately at their cabin in Preston Idaho. We have had a great time hanging out with each family. One day Peter and Gretchen, their family, and us decided to hike in to Bloomington Lake. Most of us had never been there before. It was so beautiful! Of course we wore Lilly out and she fell asleep by the lake side! We had a great time! Thanks for going with us Peter and Gretchen. It was great to see everyone!

A view from one of the shores. Yes, that is snow! we were actually watching people tube off of it into the water! It was pretty funny when they biffed it!
They have a really cool rope swing that you can use. Here is Simon
This is Zech. He was trying to pose so that he wouldn't be outdone by his little brother.
This is (from Left to right) Simon, Gretchen, Abbi, Lizzi, Jake, Peter, and Zech
Lilly, Aaron and Heather! Attractive huh!?!

Pioneer Day Parade

On the 19th Pocatello celebrated their pioneer day by starting the day with a parade. I wasn't really sure how Lilly was going to react, but she once again surprised me! She loved it! She would wave to everyone and clap and say yeah! It was a long parade, but the great thing about having a cute kid is that everyone throws the candy right at her. We came home with a bunch of stuff! It was a great parade!

Aaron and Lilly right before the parade started
Heather and Lilly, she wouldn't look at the camera because of all the fun stuff going on!
She is just so excited!
Lilly's favorite float. When the train came she just kept saying "Mommy Train!" She was so excited about it!