Sunday, January 31, 2010

Molly's Newest Trick

I have been watching my nephews twice a week while my sister teaches preschool. It has been really good for the kids, especially since they are all so close in age. Owen and Lilly are 3 months apart, and Grant and Molly are 3 months apart! Molly has been watching Grant and his many skills, which include climbing up and down our two little steps in our house and standing up against the furniture. Molly thinks this is great and I am proud to say that she has learned a thing or two. Molly is now standing up against the furniture and she has gotten really good at it this week. She is also learning the stairs. She is getting up on the first one, but gets stuck from there. I guess she will have to watch Grant more so she can figure it out. Today I sat down next to her and she was on the step. She so obviously didn't know how to get off the step so she pretty much just leaned over. She meant to catch herself, but it definitely didn't work! She is such a girl though. Anytime she falls from the standing position she just cries and cries until she stands back up! We are definitely gearing up for more drama out our house!


The McLinn Clan said...

What a beautiful family you have, aaron and clan!! I had such fun reading and catching up!!