Friday, April 22, 2011

My New York Hot Dog

During our trip to New York I wanted to do, well, kind of stupid things. I really just wanted the true New York experience. So on our last day, on the way to Penn Station we accomplished one more thing. We bought my first ever hot dog from a street vendor. It was just like any other hot dog, but hey, it was the experience that counts! We had such a great trip. We learned a ton about the city, we were all exhausted but had truly accomplished a ton! We learned that our hotel was in Soho, and we were practically in Little Italy. We had no clue! We had a pretty good laugh about it. Thanks Mom and Dad for this trip. It was truly awesome and we had the best time!


britni jean said...

heather!! YOU went to NEW YORK!!!! ahhh!! i'm SO excited for you!! what a fun trip to share it with your parents too! awesome! and i'm glad that you were able to get a hot dog from a street vendor. that was on my list of things to do as well when we went to new york. however, i was sick with morning sickness and pregnant with tes, that the thought, let alone the smell of eating a hot dog was disgusting. therefore, i still haven't eaten a new york hot dog from a street vendor, so sad. but i am really glad that you did and were able to be in new york city!!